"Every journey has a story.
Every journey begins with a YES.

To the invitation of adventure, to the calling of Mystery.
To that voice that keeps calling your name.

Once you say YES, but I mean really YES, such a YES that eliminates the impossibility of the journey, everything aligns, the doors open, the allies descend, the hands reach out, the money shows up, the law is stretched, the miracle occurs.

Everything but everything happens for you to take that journey, a little closer to your Soul, a little closer to Home, a little closer to You." Holly Shabtai

About Me

I’m not a newbie dreamworker or astrologer who just popped up last week. I’ve been tapping in, tracking and tending my Soul and the Spirit of the Universe since i was ‘single digits’. #truestory

In my dreamwork and astrological counseling practice, I guide you through individual coaching and dreamwork sessions, intuitive counseling astrology readings, and group classes.


My focused container when working with you one on one is tuned intuitively into the deeper more hidden aspects of you and your life's journey, to awaken your inner mandalic map to guide, support and strengthen you on your path towards wholeness.


To be real and make known the patterns and blind spots which hold you back and bring to the light that which is buried in shadow in the dark caverns of your unconscious, both to let go and own.

discover. connect. transform.



My focus is on creating the environment and conditions which are most conducive to healing and insight. I trust the dream and the dreamers own innate healing capacities once the conditions for insight and transformation are created.

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first-time clients take the first steps in understanding and communing with your personal birth chart and transits. We will spend 90 minutes diving deeply into the most important aspects in your chart meant to inspire and cultivate a soulful process with all aspects of you.

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Decoding Family Patterns By Planet, sign and House Placement-looking at the family natal charts for patterns that manifest in different ways over a lifetime, some of which may be current.  As i look at the astrological charts, a ninety-minute appointment becomes a pathway to incredible insight into your family dynamics and entire lives.

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Astrological Counseling combines traditional astrological knowledge and techniques within the container of a therapeutic counseling relationship. Significant and sometimes challenging themes and content come out of astrology readings -- with a trained counselor clients can more fully and safely integrate this information toward growth and healing.

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Synastry astrology reading, also known as relationship astrology, involves the comparison of two astrological charts to determine areas of strength and weakness in a relationship. Synastry is a valuable resource for people who want to examine their relationship with another person based on aspects between each person's birth chart

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I combine your natal chart and transits with your most current dreams during our time together. an in-depth dive into the

the most hidden and uncovered places within your psyche through the symbolic archetypal nature of the dreams and the planets which opens to insights and treasures of the soul to last a lifetime.


"Holly's course was my first real introduction to astrology. For such a vast and elaborate topic, I was able to grasp and follow with ease and at the same time delve into the depths of the experience, because Holly's teaching was so clear, coherent and embodied. She was able to share her wisdom with the group in a very intimate and connected way, it was a great introduction- the best I could imagine!". 

"As a dreamworker, Holly is a wise medicine woman. I felt contained and understood when sharing my dreams with her, and her insights into my dream imagery and process were invaluable. I highly recommend taking the jump into the dreamworld with Holly. "


— Ashley De Regil, Social Worker at Aid Organization for Refugees - ASSAF

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Santa Fe , New Mexico 87508 holly@hollyshabtai  |  Tel: 575-770-1425

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