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Holly Shabtai Astrology Boise ID

deepen an understanding of yourself, and your relationship to the world, through the lens of astrology

Holly Shabtai

Like many of you, my journey began with a desire for truth, a deeper connection to the Divine, and spiritual allyship. To see and be seen. Learn the path of the ancients, allow that path to find modern resonance and deep meaning. 

What started as a personal quest for self-acceptance, healing, inner awareness, and spiritual understanding has evolved into a platform that seeks to inspire the spiritual lives and practices of others through astrology. 

I’m Holly Shabtai, an astrologer, and teacher endlessly fascinated by the relation between the human and the cosmos. By blending ancient and modern approaches to astrology, alongside a committed spiritual practice, I help people like you deepen their understanding of life, self, relationship, and destiny within the context of everyday life.

So that you can move forward with clarity and consciousness. Supporting and teaching you how to help yourself. 

Birth Chart Readings

the investigation of planetary positions at the moment of your birth

“The stars are like letters which inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky . . . . Everything in the world is full of signs. . . . All events are coordinated. . . . All things depend on each other; as has been said, ‘Everything breathes together.’”– Plotinus

Annual Prediction Readings

a reading covering the major upcoming themes this year, as well as the specific questions you have and an overview of the major transits which will affect you.

Happy Clients

"Holly combines a unique path of the ancients school of wisdom with the cutting edge therapeutic approaches of our times.With great skill, love, courage, and experience, holly supports us with discovering and remembering our own true nature."

Tal Pener, Founder of the Eco-Therapy Program Karkur, College, Israel 

"Holly is a master at holding space, of asking the fundamental questions. Her gentle guidance put me at ease and kept me focused. Her questions and feedback kept the work going in me long after our sessions."

Michelle Williams MSW, CPM

"Holly's course was my first real introduction to astrology. For such a vast and elaborate topic, I was able to grasp and follow with ease and at the same time delve into the depths of the experience, because Holly's teaching was so clear, coherent and embodied. She was able to share her wisdom with the group in a very intimate and connected way, it was a great introduction- the best I could imagine!". 

Ashley De Regil, Social Worker at Aid Organization for Refugees - ASSAF

"My family and I have been going through our natal and predictive charts, with Holly. It has been an unbelievable experience!! The reflection is like looking in a mirror, but with depth and insight that becomes a great tool for the future. Holly has a gift that she brings into this work, that I believe is hard to find in the astrology world. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and their path. She is amazing!!"

Denielle Prokopenko Rose -

Santa Fe, NM 

"I am just here to say that Holly is the most incredable Astrologer I have ever worked with! I cannot recommend her work highly enough. Her wisdom is deeply grounded and will supoort your jounrey on every single level."

Dillon Indra Tisdel


Taos, NM 

"So far I have had two readings with Holly and her laser-focused accuracy of the subtle, nuanced patterns in my life has truly blown me away. 

My second session I did the "Predictions Year Ahead Reading" and she clearly discribed the complex dynamics of my current and future situation with startling accuracy, with a wealth of information on what this all means and how to move forward through it. 

She met me exactly where I was on my jounrey and her intuitive suggestion allowed me to dive even deeper into my spiriutal work and ultimately catapulted me to a new level of insight and healing. Thank you for sharing your incredable gifts and passion for the sky, Holly!"

Sasha Schump

Shamanic Practioner 

Ashville, NC

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Holly Shabtai Astrology Boise ID
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