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I'm on hiatus! 

Thank you for visiting my page! Unfortunately, I'm currently not taking new readings for the foreseeable future. Now, this DOES NOT mean I'm not out there astrologizing! In fact, I'm busy exposing myself to different techniques, philosophies and teachers. I am also engaging in spiritual retreat with much-needed regeneration, to increase my dedication and personal commitment to my path as well as, dive deeper still, into my spiritual practice and daily sadhana.


All of this just so I can provide YOU with the best spiritual guidance through the astrological services I can!

If you would still like reading, I encourage you to fill out the contact form below and explain your situation. I'd be happy to offer you a Natal or Annual consultation if I have the time. With that being said, at this moment my schedule is already booked through 2022 and due to how incredibly full and busy my schedule is at the moment, I cannot guarantee I'll actually have the time until the Spring of 2023. 

If you miss me too much you can always follow me on Instagram

I hope to see you very very soon!



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