Astrological Counseling consultation

Together with the focus of "deeply seeing"we enter the birth chart with a theraputic lens while being held in a  healing container which offers you the safty and space to move down deeper into the psyche and inner cosmos which exsists within you. Through your guidence and conversation there emerges between our two fileds of expereince a palpabul directive that we will be open to and listen to. What exsists and what is being asked for more depth and clarity of understanding which the chart can offer. Speak and Name and Own personal aspects of the persona which are displayed in the chart and practice a ritualized intergration of the chart in a way which is lasting and deeply connective and trasformitive. 

"Find the thread of your being and follow it as far as you can follow it. You will be led into places you would not choose to go that wind up being revelations that you didn't know were possible."
- Michael Meade


Holly Shabtai
Santa Fe, NM

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