Dreams & Astrology Live Online Course

“Dreams are doorways to the other world, doorways opening to an enlightened perspective that helps us understand and heal. They illuminate the shadow, expose our judgments, awaken us to hidden gifts, introduce us to our deepest selves, and point us toward our own path of heart.” David Bedrick

Have you ever wondered how Astrology could help to understand your nightly dreams? Join me in discovering how your personal transits and the transits of your clients inform and enlighten our dreams and vise virsa. 


Both disciplines Dreamwork and Astrology are tools which help us to dive beneath the surface of everyday conscious reality, into both the under and upper worlds for healing, learning, well-being, and connection. Astrology helps us to deepen and widen the meaning of our dreams, and our dreams give us patterns and clues as to what a current or past transits mean and how they can be best navigated. 


A brand new course which birthed out a deep passion and scholarship in both fields of research and study, Astrology and Dreams. I am a professional Dreamworker and budding Archetypal Astrologer, so the study of the archetypal correlations and patterns fascinates me and informs all the work I do in the world with my students and clients. 


For the last three years, I have tracked the dreams and transits of myself, family and close friends, as well and those clients who gave me permission. I found some remarkable connections, insights and correlation which have helped to guide and coach my clients in ways the just dreams alone were not able to do. 


In this course, you will learn to follow your dreams and transits, while tracking and identifying the archetypal patterns present within them for yourself or your clients to get a more wholistic picture of the psyche and it's current process of healing. 


There will be homework assignments and ritual practice in-between classes, as well as live in class work on our dreams and charts. 


Participants of all levels of Astrology and Dreamwork are welcome. If you can't attend the LIVE class there will be recorded session released within 24hrs of each class. 



Dates: March 3, 2019- March 24, 2019
Times: We will meet for 4 consecutive Sundays at Noon pm Pacific Time (convert to your time zone)
Sessions will be approximately 120 min.

$195 (if registered by   Feb 25, $235 thereafter).

Can’t attend live? No problem! You’ll get all the recordings, slides and handouts. And you can use the course discussion area to ask questions.

"Find the thread of your being and follow it as far as you can follow it. You will be led into places you would not choose to go that wind up being revelations that you didn't know were possible."
- Michael Meade


Holly Shabtai
Santa Fe, NM


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