Immerse yourself in a soulful dream sanctuary for nine months and
watch how your life transforms.

Radical Dream School 

9 Month Online Dreamwork Training


Radical Dream School:


Essential details ​

This live online course runs from September 2018-May 2019.


Who is the course for?


This course is set up for anyone who loves and is passionate about dreams. Whether you want to learn to explore and gain tools to bring dreamwork into your practice as a therapist, counselor, wellness practitioner or coach or to go on one of the deepest self-exploratory adventures for personal growth and transformation you can imagine, this course may be the perfect initiation to dreamwork practice for you. Beginner and advanced dreamers alike will benefit from this course as we address all the major roadblocks to holding a regular sacred dream practice, both personally as well as how we can help facilitate /cultivate the same for others so they can heal and transform their lives via the dreams. You’ll be part of a nurturing community as you focus on your motivations for developing a sustainable dream practice, deepen in your practice and develop your own language and translation tools for yourself as well as those you may facilitate the dream journey for.


After the completion of this course, you will be prepared to begin a Dreamwork Practice of your own, start Dreamwork Circles for your community and offer Dreamwork Classes and Workshops. As well as being a dive into your own personal dreamwork practice and souls genius where you will have experienced deep personal growth and development throughout you will also gain access to a supportive group of people like yourself learning the language of dreams and stepping out for the first time working other peoples dreams. 


How is this course different than others?



This is primarily a nuts-and-bolts class on how to explore and work with dreams, but also a course for how to navigate the choppy waters and all the unknows of the dreamworld once you are working with others on their dreams. The course initiates you to the work of dreams so your dreams will come more consistently in a conversational way and go can much deeper into the topics of healing and self-discovery that the dreams guide us to work on and that seems to matter most.  After becoming efficient in this personally, you will be more prepared for more intensive work with others. 


Some people feel in doing their own dreamwork, you can understand anything yourself, that you are the only one who can know the meaning of your dreams. Sadly, this is a half-truth because honestly you can only go as far as your personal roadblocks and conscious awareness allows. Having a trusted guide who can offer a different perspective than your own, reflect back the golden shadow as much as the dark shadow aspects to integrate and make conscious, tends to be invaluable in this work. So we will work with techniques for opening your own dreams as well as learning when and where and with whom we should consult when that time comes and the benefits of both.


All dreamers stumble into roadblocks along the way.


Having dream exploration roadblocks is the nature of the dreaming path because dreamwalking is not a skill to be mastered once and for all. Instead, working with dreams is a competency. In other words, it's a life practice that must be kept active as it continues to evolve throughout the decades as you mature, evolve, and transform. So when holding others in dreamwork, your dedication to your dreams and working them both personally and with another periodically as a guide is essential. 


In this nine-month course you will learn:


This course will be divided into three different semesters with six modules in each, what you will learn in each level of the course:


Level One:


  1. Module One- The meaning, messages, and medicine of the dreams

  2. Module Two- The language of Dreams/ Dreamspeak both universal and personal

  3. Module Three- Dream Theory- Freud, Jung, Gestalt, Hillman and more

  4. Module Four- Common Types of Dreams- Big Dreams, Archetypal Dreams, Recurring Dreams, Nightmares, Death Dreams, Healing Dreams, Initiation Dreams, Collective Dreams, Lucid Dreams  and more

  5. Module Five- Dream Symbolism and Metaphor and Image- the language of the Soul

  6. Module Six- Feelings and Emotions in Dreamwork


Level Two:


  1. Module Seven: Dreamwork- How to work with dreams- Methods of Practice

  2. Module Eight: Personal Growth, Self Discovery, Healing, Transformation and Spiritual Path via the Dream

  3. Module Nine: Dream Embodiment Practices, Dream Somatics, Living the Dream

  4. Module Ten: Dream Practice- Bring the dreams into our outer world life

  5. Module Eleven: Dream Alchemy, Initiation and Trauma

  6. Module Twelve: Ensoulment Process through Dreamwork- Finding and Living your Life Purpose- Life Calling


Level Three:


  1. Module Thirteen: Different Dreamwork Approaches-  Psychological, Scientific, Spiritual, Shamanic and Mystical

  2. Module Fourteen: Dream Facilitation- Individual Dreamwork, Group Dream Circles Facilitating Dreamwork Exercises for Individuals and Groups

  3. Module Fifteen: Setting up a Dreamwork Practice, Website, and Advertising

  4. Module Sixteen: Ethics in Dreamwork- Tools for the Practitioner

  5. Module Seventeen: More Insight and Offerings for the beginning Practitioner- Setting up Supervision

  6. Module Eighteen: Client Based Astrology Charts




Features of this course include:


  •  18 Recorded (watch anytime/anywhere) Presentations with Holly Shabtai and 18 Live Webinar (Q&A enabled) practicum, Q&A and Dream Circles

  •  Miss a workshop? All presentations will be recorded for listening whenever!

  •  Dedicated Private Facebook Forum (Actively moderated by Holly)

  •  Downloadable Worksheets and Resources

  •  Lifetime access to all files and materials


**You will also be required to have one live dream session during each semester (3 total) with Holly Shabtai which is not included in the tuition but is offered at a Student rate of $100 per session (2hrs)


What is the structure of the workshop?

This course is structured like a personal development workshop. While the video classes and teleseminars are live, you can watch the recordings if you miss them. Moreover, the FB forum is open 24/7 so you can easily do this course in a way that works with your schedule.


Live Workshops are all at 8 PM Eastern/5 pm Pacific (but recorded!) and will run for 2 hrs on:


  • Tuesday, Sept. 4th - Thursday, Sept. 20th

  • Tuesday, Oct. 2nd & Thursday, Oct. 18th 

  • Tuesday, Nov. 6th & Thursday, Nov 22nd

  • Tuesday, Dec. 4th & Thursday, Dec 20th

  • Tuesday, Jan 8th & Thursday, Jan 24th

  • Tuesday, Feb 5th & Thursday, Feb 21st

  • Tuesday, March 5th & Thursday, March 21st 

  • Tuesday, April 2nd & Thursday, April 18th

  • Tuesday, May 7th & Thursday, May 30th


The online dream circle portion of the course and timing will be decided by the group students once registered more close to the start of the course. 




  • $ 3100.00

  • $ 2888.00 Early Bird if paid in full by Aug. 1st, 2018

  • $ 450.00 per month with full course commitment


*Please if for any financial reason you can not attend and feel you need to be with us, don’t hesitate to contact us with your request and we will do our best to accommodate where we can.


What's the risk?

I strongly suspect that the unique combination of expert instruction, positive community, and personalized feedback will work for you to ignite your dreamwork practice.


However, I am offering a money-back guarantee before the start of week 3 (by Oct 1st, equivalent to drop/add ). Try out my approach and see our community of dreamers in action. 


Course registration is limited to 20 participants. Secure your seat now and get ready to Ignite your dreamworld!




"Find the thread of your being and follow it as far as you can follow it. You will be led into places you would not choose to go that wind up being revelations that you didn't know were possible."
- Michael Meade


Holly Shabtai
Santa Fe, NM

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