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Soul Work

Join me on a journey of self-discovery to the part of you that is purely and intrinsically you. The best version of all your attributes. The blueprint, so to speak, of who you could become. The Soul.


Soul work is the process of bringing the essential self - the inner genius - out of hiding. It’s a fundamental shift away from occupying the constructed self and toward the art of living from our soul.

You arrived here for a reason. It may feel like a situation you are desperate to get out of (pain, suffering, depression, anxiety, disconnection to Self and Other) and yet,  just might be the invitation for healing and transformation you have been waiting for. It may be a radical opportunity to crack open, catalyze your potential, and embody who you really are. An opportunity you may not have chosen consciously but one which has opened you to the underworld threshold which offers more than fixing the issues or managing your problems but is an opportunity for initiation into the depth of all you are. I am here to hold your hand through this core meeting of yourself, into the underworld and back, releasing old stories and limiting patterns so that who you really are can emerge. 

Meet Holly

During this lifelong journey, I have developed a powerfully intuitive, inspiring approach grounded in my work and experience and guided by the wisdom of my dreams and dream teachers  

Dream School

Radical Dream School is designed to prepare and empower dreamers, therapists and sacred space holders to open, tend and work with their own dreams and the dreams of their friends and clients.


My focus is on creating the environment and conditions which are most conducive to healing and insight. I trust the dream and the dreamers own innate healing capacities once the conditions for insight and transformation are created.

Email Dream Analysis

Dream Initiation

Dream Circles

Your unique and detailed dream analysis will explore various aspects and dimensions of your dream including themes and symbols to uncover the significant message your dream has created just for you.

6 month mentor-ship into the depths of a living dreamwork practice. With my long term dreamwork coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to cultivate a living dreamwork practice week by week with me as your guide and get training to hold this space for yourself once you choose to.

I welcome you to join us in diving below the surface of the dreams into the depth of richness that awaits you there in circle. In a safe and nurturing container we move gracefully beyond our normal sense awareness with the group body where we find meaning for the individual path.

Radical Dreamwork Retreat

With Holly Shabtai

Sept. 7th-9th 2019

Deep in the Land of Enchantment, tucked under the Sacred Sangre de Cristo mountains in Taos, NM we welcome all dreamers, mystics, practitioners, poets, healers, seekers and storytellers from all ways and walks to join us as we recall the ancient work of being with Dream communally, dive into the mythic Self through doors that dreams open, and share our authentic experience in a relational way in circle.

"Working together for years, I am inspired over and over again, witnessing and experiencing the depths of the inner soul work which holly offers to the world. Holly combines a unique path of the ancients school of wisdom with the cutting edge therapeutic approaches of our times. With great skill, love, courage, and experience, holly supports us with discovering and remembering our own true nature."


— Tal Pener, Founder of the Eco-Therapy Program Karkur College, Israel 

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Upcoming Courses

Astrology & Dreams

Have you ever wondered how Astrology could help to understand your nightly dreams and dreams correlate to your transits? Join me in discovering how your personal transits and the transits of your clients inform and enlighten our dreams and astrology.

"Find the thread of your being and follow it as far as you can follow it. You will be led into places you would not choose to go that wind up being revelations that you didn't know were possible."
- Michael Meade


Holly Shabtai
Santa Fe, NM

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