My 12 Secret Names for the Dream Ally

Updated: May 3, 2018

Twelve Secret Names

1.Bright Nights Shadow

2. The soft wind that blows my heart strings to tears

3. Deep night listener beyond what ears can hear

4. The one who knows and doesn't know that which lives beyond what sees

5. Bearheart

6. Need nurturer

7. Lord dancer heart walker

8. Slow mover deep watcher eternal listener

9. One lost and found then found and lost

10. Walks far lives close

11. Liminal dancer

12. Merry real maker my heart taker

13. Inner gypsy outer tree

Feel free to join me in finding the 12 Secret names of something or someone you love beyond words..

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"Find the thread of your being and follow it as far as you can follow it. You will be led into places you would not choose to go that wind up being revelations that you didn't know were possible."
- Michael Meade


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