What is "Dreamwork" anyway?

Updated: May 3, 2018

When I begin to feel into answering this question for myself and for those interested in possibly doing this type of depth work, I am drawn first to the overwhelming amount of support I have received from my dreams. What do I mean by support? Well, that’s a good question because the meanings are so vast and personal that maybe telling a story would help put it into a context that everyone can understand on their level.

All through the journey of following my dreams, so many times when something of great importance or a great struggle come up in the dreams, when I have a situation which needs healing or a witnessing of an old trauma visits me in the dream, I am met with sometimes human, as well as other than human support which holds the medicine that I need which allows me to be with what's opening up in the dream. To look at and release old places the dreams are suggesting may need to be released or shifted in some way or the opening to some new love or insight. The journey is populated with countless allies for my becoming.

Sometimes they show up as doctors, healers, teachers, fathers, mothers, all forms of animal and plant people, rocks and stones and the tender lush open earth beneath me and once courted become apparent components to my wholeness and healing. I am not alone, and facing that was almost a painful as having zero support throughout my childhood, and for apparent reasons needed to be felt as well.

Another thing I want to mention here is that the Dreams and following them and working with their wisdom and teachings have become a Spiritual Path for me. What I mean by that is Dreams are like an Inner Oracle which shows us through experience, feeling, symbol and story- who we are on the deepest level, both hidden and obscure as well as the parts you may already be aware of but have yet to acknowledge or live into.Our genius, the authentic self. They help us to accept who we are, by loving us into it, or supporting our jumps into the life we have been reluctant or even terrified to make.

Dreams as a spiritual path mean, I hold every dream as sacred, like a magical and many times confusing divinatory messages, which contain all of me within them. The parts of my pain, my abandonment, my love, my life calling, my connection to all things human and other than human, my stories which connect me to my beliefs about everything I am in or not in relation to. It’s really like my personal book of life, whose chapters are played out for me in the theater of my dreams every night.

So if I hold those most amazing stories and journeys taken in the landscape of my dreams as spiritual work, as a practice of becoming and acknowledging the places I would under other circumstances ignore or deny, then it becomes exactly that, a Spiritual Path.

As well as tending and courting our nightly dreams, I follow a daily practice of bringing those dream images and feeling states back up to my conscious awareness. I also include the understands I came to while going back to those dreams and stepping in, asking questions and receiving answers, so that they may continue the conversation in future dreams.

I also practice being with these experiences of the dream and the work around it during my regular waking life throughout my day. If I hold this consciousness with me, while being in relationship in the world, while working with others, being a mother and partner, I will have waking dream-like experiences where the resonance of the dreams show up in life in just the analogous life situations. Ones which were shown to trigger patterns for me, my pain and traumas, as well as my places of deeper self and soul connected embodiment. When I hold this level of awareness, both with the outer world as well as my inner world, I am afforded the gifts of the dream medicine which have the power to alchemize and transform our deepest pains and the patterns which no longer serve me.

Being receptive to the medicine which is provided in my dreams has shown me how to be in good relations with all things. To Mother Earth, the animals, the elements, and minerals, to the resources, I am a part of using every day. My dreams have taught me how to be in better relationship with my partner, my children, my friends and lastly my clients. How to stay present, to myself and other, to be with whatever comes and even invite it. To be willing to open my heart, speak my truth and regain my lost tongue, as well as the deep, understand as to how I got here not speaking, to begin with.

Dreams have taught me how to love myself and to have a deeper level of compassion for others and who they have become or not. Dreams may not be the fastest track to transformation, but they definitely are one that does indeed take you there. Slowly at times, others not so much, but every time you dream you are given a piece you never knew before, about you and the world you live in.

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"Find the thread of your being and follow it as far as you can follow it. You will be led into places you would not choose to go that wind up being revelations that you didn't know were possible."
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