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Imagine if you could ask a direct question and get an answer...

With Horary Astrology, you can.


Not infallible but often highly accurate, horary readings reveal helpful answers to outcome-oriented questions like...

“Do me and John have a future together?”
“It doesn’t look as though you and John have a future, no. Here's why…”

“Will I get the job?”
“Yes, you will get the job, but it may come with a pay cut.”

“Should I move to California?”
“Going to California looks better than your current situation; go for it!”

“Is this a good deal to make?”
“The deal will favor the seller, and the house may have some water problems.”

“Is my missing cat going to come home?”
“Your cat will definitely make an appearance again, yes!”


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Horary Readings

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  • I’m not clairvoyant or psychic. I use astrological charts and interpretive methodologies.

    I’m not always correct. I do my best to communicate what I see honestly and concisely — and I always appreciate your feedback about the eventual results of your inquiry.

    I don’t debate about my analysis of the chart. I ask that you maintain an open mind and desire to know the truth. Horary astrology is meant to bring peace through an acceptance of the truth, even if it’s difficult.

    Still interested?

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