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Ever find yourself at a crossroads in life? Maybe work feels like a maze, or you've lost touch with your spiritual core. Perhaps personal growth seems like it's hit a roadblock, and you're grappling with the aftermath of tough times. The anticipation of specific outcomes might be keeping you up at night, and the bigger picture feels a bit hazy. Ever wondered about the secrets your birth chart holds, seeking clarity on your purpose?


In my 1 hr recorded personalized birth chart readings, clients have discovered illumination amid life's uncertainties. Let's navigate through the cosmos together and uncover the insights that could bring clarity to your journey.


Welcome to my 1 hr Pre- Recorded Astrology Birth Chart Consultation—an initiation into the mandala of your spirit and soul. Whether you're new to astrology or seeking a unique perspective, this is the perfect starting point.


Your birth chart, a sacred vessel and the Rosetta stone of your life karmas, unravels the tapestry of your being. In preparation for this insightful journey, we invite you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire focusing on key questions of your life:

  • Rising Sign, Sun, and Moon Sign
  • Finances
  • Home and Property 
  • Children
  • Health
  • Marriage
  • Spirituality
  • Career


Your responses to this tailored intake questionnaire guide us as we examine the nuances of your unique cosmic makeup.


During the reading, I will focus on the most relevant aspects of your chart, ensuring depth and brevity in our analysis. I'll explore the artistry of both the Tropical Zodiac (Western) and Sidereal Zodiac (Indian) formats, leveraging traditional techniques. These time-tested methods offer profound insights into the patterns of your life, illuminating predominant characteristics, natural predispositions, and the cyclical rhythms that shape your journey.


Prepare to embark on a transformative voyage through the constellations of your being, armed with the knowledge gleaned from your pre-session questionnaire. This deeper understanding of yourself, coupled with the celestial influence, will guide and enrich your path.


Embark on a journey to unravel the intricate threads of your life's narrative. Delve into profound answers to queries such as:

  • "What defines me?"
  • "What's my purpose in this journey?"
  • "What path is laid out for me?"
  • "What awaits me in the future?"
  • "How can I tread this path with heightened consciousness?"


This wisdom unveils an innate comprehension, empowering you to traverse life's peaks and valleys with a profound sense of awareness and purpose.


*Reading will be sent within 7 business days of payment including intake form with all details. 


Thank You! 

Pre-Recorded Birth Chart Consultation

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