"The word Radical comes to us from the Trees, a radical root is the root which goes down the farthest and deepest into the earth. To be Radical is to be rooted in one's soul to such a depth that the disturbances in the world and within the self can not overwhelm us. To not just live longer but live deeper." Michael Meade


I am happy to work with you to find the best way to help you meet your needs and goals. All of my services are oriented towards inviting your soul nature to the forefront of your being in order to release underlying blockages and restrictions as well as to assist you in experiencing your own beauty, depth, and wisdom. As you experience your own strength and power, you can begin to feel at home in yourself again.


One of the ways I offer this is with Radical Dreamwork. This form of Dreamwork differs from classical "dream interpretation" in that the aim is to explore the various images and emotions that a dream presents and evokes, while not attempting to come up with a single unique dream meaning. In this way the dream remains "alive" whereas if it has been assigned a specific meaning, it is "finished" or closed to movement.


Dreamworkers take the position that a dream may have a variety of meanings depending on the levels (e.g. subjective, objective) that are being explored.


A belief of dreamwork is that each person has his or her own dream "language". Any given place, person, object or symbol can differ in its meaning from dreamer to dreamer and also from time to time in the dreamer's ongoing life situation. Thus someone helping a dreamer get closer to her or his dream through dreamwork adopts an attitude of "not knowing" as far as possible.





In the  Radical Dreamwork approach the ultimate focus or intention is on the dream, always the dream, and not on a personality theory evolved in some psychologies that also work with dreams. 

My focus is on creating the environment and conditions which are most conducive to healing and insight. I trust the dream and the dreamers own innate healing capacities once the conditions for insight and transformation are created.

Next is the focus is relationship to self, other and the dream in present time experience. Diving below the surface meanings and theories around the dreamer and the dream and into what is not already known and seen. The radical roots of discovery, where neither myself or the dreamer knows where we might go, each holding lightly their ideas and translations while allowing a third thing to approach us, guide us down and into the depths of the unconscious and the deepest meaning of the dream for this specific dreamer.

Another major emphasis with Radical Dreamwork methodology is the process work enacted with dreamer and dream, using methods like dream re-entry, dream enactment, Be the Part and Shamanic Journeying. These are powerful techniques because the processes go beyond the ego capacity of the dreamer to fundamental core patterns in the psyche revealed by the dream and its dreamwork.

There are many methods for dreamwork out there, many I have learned and integrate into the work I do with dreamers. I feel that the dream and it's content are alive and living when met with presence and intent of relationship. These pieces of the dream, or storyline when engaged through the dreamers personal associations and felt experience in the dream itself open us to insights and connections we could never arrive at without remaining in the question, not the answer. 

The dream reentry process joins you with the dream content in the liminal present tense where things become more real then real and awareness and insight just happen.

A feeling based focus comes in where there is deep avoidance or reluctance to feeling or heighten feeling or emotion in the dream content. Here you might be asked to feel back into the places where that arose in the dream, to find links and connections to similar feeling states in life.This then lends to the insghts as to what the dream is coming to share, what the dream is asking from you and any action or shift that might be in order in your life.

Like with anything with practice things become more relaxed and natural. The conversation can flow and the responses from those in the dream both parts of yourself or other, can then speak words and teachings about your inner psyche, issues in the world and how to meet them in a new supportive healthy way. 



The benefits of an active dreamwork practice vary greatly depending on the dreamer and the dreamworker. 

As a form of therapy dreams hold significant insights into the unconscious mind and working your dreams can become an effective tool for self actualisation.

Dreamwork can be most beneficial if you are experiencing recurring dreams, nightmares, working through a life situation or a critical/transitional phase in your life, have a cluster/series of dreams you feel are related to one another or simply have dreams on a regular basis that you enjoying working through.

Think of dreamwork as a means to gain access to the deepest secrets within you. To locate and work with the lost and forgotten aspect of yourself, as well as gain tools and medicine you need to become the most authentic you possible.

Though you may not understand the dreams which seem most strange or even fear the nightmares you might have from time to time, once opened and worked in a good way lend deep wisdom and insights which you can bring back into your outer world life.

When worked and honored for what they are, dreams can offer us healing, transformation, trauma release, embodiment, self discovery, deep conscious awareness of your ingrained patterns and limiting actions in your life and relationships and integration of all the other process and therapeutic work we have done in our lives.



I come to this work  inspired by the work of C. G. Jung, and Embodied Dreamwork as taught and practiced by my mentors/teachers Bill St. Cyr and Sue Scavo. I combine depth insights in psychology, somatic experience (SE), alchemy, shamanism, and dream re-entry into a unique synthesis. My work is “psycho-activating” in that it “activates the psyche,” touches the unconscious, and thereby stimulates our “dreaming.” 

This work is not for everyone as it requires a high degree of being able to self-reflect and be vulnerable. To see the places in yourself which are most avoided and buried, and where many times you have built your life upon those ideas, patterns, thoughts and beliefs which the dreams come to challenge and in the least call for reflection and honesty.

I feel every session is a ceremony where I call on the support and guidance of my Spiritual Allies and connect to the neutral centered grounded space of me. As well as invite the dream symbols and elements into the space with us, to help guide and tend the dreamscape with us.

I try to meet the person where they are, to follow their dreaming process by deep intuitive listening, seeing and connecting in a way that I feel might help them to unfold their inner work/process in ways that they might not be able to alone. There is something called shamanic transference, which just basically means that when you share your deep experiences with someone who is empathic, both psyches are activated and move to a central common liminal space together, where both are moving and hearing and carrying and metabolizing the process and experience together.



The time we spend together, the sessions, are hard to speak about in a concrete way actually. So much happens each meeting and one is never the same as another but generally these are the constants;

  • I open all sessions as ceremony, entering into a grounded centered space myself, inviting all known and unknown assistance and allies to show up and be of service to the dreamer. And offer up any fixed goals or motivations for the session.

  • We then have a quick check in about where your at, any challenges you are facing at this time, updates from the homework process and to answer any questions or speak to any issue that might have come up for you during our time apart.

  • Next we open to the energy of the dreams you have already collected and sent to me. This usually tends to be anywhere from 2-4  recent dreams with any associations you might have already writing along with the dream. you will be asked if there is one or more specific dreams you know must be worked and would like to begin with and we will enter from there.

  • Then together we will read through a dream or dream segment that you previously sent in, and in various ways become curious, meet, honor, and listen to the dream together. I might ask about the symbols and associations that come to you and how they relate to you now in your life. or

  • We might step into a specific place in the dream that feels “alive” to actually BE a character that showed up and see what opens up from this.We open to an embodied altered space, kind of trance like, through dropping into the sensations and feelings present in the dream by Being a person, place or image in the dream which offer access to the messages and guidance of the dream we are working with.

  • Being a feeling-based approach, the emotions and feelings that may arise in the dream are a really important access point for us. So you maybe asked to feel a feeling that was felt in the dream or to feel into the space of not feeling in the dream to see what may come up from being there. The feelings can assist us in dropping below the psyches defense mechanisms, so we may slowly and tenderly feel and witness what may have been stuck and inaccessible.

  • At the end of the session we will formulate a medicine work/practice for you to take back into your life with you. This is something that will continue to open the medicine of the dreams we worked and the feeling body to new places possibly not yet felt while in session. It will help to link the work we did with the dreams to your waking life and open the dialogue between the archetypal world and this world for you.

  • This process is conversational and reciprocal. You honor and listen and tend your dreams and they respond with equal offering and gifts.Like most things you get what you put in and holding inauthenic one sided conversations are just boring and disrepectful. Here you are asked to step up and in, to relationship with your dreams and your self in honroing and self confirming ways. It's pure magic really something beyond words and explanations. You just must try it!

Below are many ways you can work with me and engage and deepen your work and process with the dreamworld.