Cont. Testamonal

And these subjects and topics go on and on.

She has gifted hands as well, so any art she is doing will be one of the most special ones you will ever see, her mind is as sharp and fast as her creative hands and soul.

For me three things which are most important when I go to therapy or to study with someone as a teacher.

1. Space - that I will feel this person is really with me, listening, supporting and holding space for me and inviting even welcoming whatever needs to come to out to the meeting to come.sessions) and

2. Mistakes- We are all human. We all make mistakes, and this includes the therapist. So when the therapist is open to make mistakes and take the risks of making them, the level of work -for me- is much more profound. If and when this happens  I can safely and speak freely: “Hey wait, this or that is not precise for me,” and we can continue looking for the places that resonate more precisely in me.

3. A sense of humor – do I need to explain this ??? 😊 
Holly has all three in the perfect amounts!
I feel honored and blessed to have Holly in my life as my spiritual heart and soul sister, teacher (dreamwork classes), therapist (dreamwork sessions) and friend."